Services For Dentists

We provide a simple, friendly support service to our referring professional colleagues and their patients. Our state-of-the-art clinic has dedicated departments for Periodontics, Oral Surgery / Implantology and endodontics.

Our aim is to provide the very best in multidisciplinary treatment using evidence-based protocols for the benefit of patients and to take full advantage of working with other specialists in a dedicated unit. We are here to support you and your patients, not only for treatment but also for opinions and assistance with treatment planning.

We are available to discuss any questions you may have and provide the following:

  • A complete consultation-to-completed case service.
  • Advice and assistance with treatment planning only.
  • Joint-care approach with treatment planning and implant placement, with the referring practitioner providing the restorative phase where appropriate.
  • Grafting – only service, for referring practitioners who are trained and competent in implant placement.
  • Treatment for cases of all levels of complexity – we have at a nearby private hospital and many years experience in complex case management.

MOS Services

Surgical extraction


Endo surgery

Root repair

Periodontal Services

  • Full periodontal diagnosis, treatment and management.
  • Gingival augmentation: Grafting procedures (free gingival grafts, connective tissue grafts) in conjunction with full thickness flap, split thickness flap, apically positioned flap, sandwich technique.
  • Root coverage: Pedicle soft tissue graft procedures (lateral sliding flap, double papilla flap, coronally advanced flap for single or multiple recession defects, semilunar coronally advanced flap, tunnel technique, envelope technique) and free soft tissue graft procedures (epithelialised or subepithelial connective tissue graft usually taken from the palate).
  • Correction of mucosal defects at implants.
  • Interdental papilla reconstruction.
  • Crown lengthening procedures.
  • Gingival preservation at ectopic tooth eruption.
  • Removal of aberrant fraenulum.
  • Prevention of ridge collapse associated with tooth extraction.
  • Correction of the deformed edentulous ridge

Prosthetic Services

  • Single Tooth to Full Mouth Rehabilitation with crown and bridgework, implant supported or tooth supported.
  • Cosmetic Restoration with Porcelain or Composite Veneers
  • Partial Dentures (including attachments to avoid conspicuous clasps).
  • Complete Dentures with or without implant support.
  • Planning and completing complex interdisciplinary procedures.

General information

When patients are referred for implant treatment, unless a particular specialist is requested we will triage the referrals and arrange for the initial consultation to be with the appropriate dentist. Ongoing provision of each phase of treatment would then proceed on a multidisciplinary basis.

If the referring practitioner will be providing the restorative part of implant therapy, the patient will be returned to the care of the referring practitioner after successful implant integration.

Advanced treatment procedures require good collaboration with the referring practitioner, thorough assessment and treatment planning, careful management of patient expectations and precise execution of the treatment procedures. We take the time to understand the patient's needs and expectations and explain on models and with the help of images, the possibilities of therapy.

Patients often present to us with failed or failing dentitions and we appreciate and empathise with the concerns that people have regarding advanced treatment.

Such advanced therapy is best carried out in defined treatment phases which require a systematic approach to treatment planning. At the initial consultation we assess the extent and severity of the problem. We will take into account the patient's expectations and wishes and patients will receive written information regarding the nature, cost, and timescale of treatment, together with the alternative options open to them.

All patients will be returned to the care of the referring dentist upon completion of treatment.

Ongoing Supportive Care

Complex restorative and implant cases are generally reviewed on an annual basis.

For periodontal cases, depending on the severity of the disease and the patients risk assessment, we will offer Supportive Periodontal Therapy at Flint and Flint Dental Surgeons. However, we would like to encourage a "shared care" approach whereby the maintenance treatment is carried out in conjunction with the referring General Dental Practitioner and Dental Hygienist respectively.

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